18 June 2011

play by heart: my heart will go on

assalamualaikum semua..

hye kengkawan..first and foremost, aku nak mintak maaf bebanyak..gara-gara aku ni tak berapa nak reti tapi gatal-gatal jugak nak maen keyboard tu, habis rosak lagu love story theme of romeo and juliet tu..a classic song kan..that was a very luvly song..but i messed it up until it lost its luvliness..:(

i'm truly sorry for that..didnt mean to..but i just luv to play it..seriously..huhu..and for that, i will replace the video..i made a new one this evening..(?)..err..skang dah masuk 18june dah kan..so,,last evening laa..hehe..i try to make it beautiful..eventhough takde laa bez sangat pun aku main..

but i guess, i must play it by heart..only then dye can run smoothly..HAHA..orang main piano by ears..aku by heart..apa daaa..heart tu ada jari ke nak tekan-tekan piano tu? tapi..ears pun takde jari jugak kan..so, tak boleh jugak laa kan..ngeh ngeh ngeh..tapi tak kesah laa..once we feel the soul, we can play it smoothly..without any nervousness..cewahhhh! bajet pro!

and..well, do watch this video..ni lagu love story tu..and again, i'm sorry..hope u guys enjoy this one..which is a lil much better than the first one..hehe..^^

oh, yaaaaa..sebab tadi aku terlalu bosan..aku pun godek-godek laa tenet untuk cari notes untuk lagu titanic ni..MY HEART WILL GO ON from Celine Dion..this is one of my mama's favourite song..so, aku pun berusaha laa sedaya upaya untul cari the simplest notes ever so that aku boleh main dengan senang..HAHA..

luckily, i ought to find one..and aku boleh main lagu tu..hehe..tapi it's a very simplest version..kalau bagi budak kecik pun, dorang boleh main..hehe..hope korang enjoy my second video..

so, here it goes..MY HEART WILL GO ON..^^

selamat malam semua..wassalam..^^

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