22 June 2011

play by heart: rocketeer

assalamualaikum semua..

hye! today i would like to make a cover of rocketeer by far east movement ft. Ryan T..hehe..warning: seriously I'M NOT GOOD at playing a keyboard..main macam kartun kan..haha..but at least i try kan..it's better than none..

heyy, but if you did watch my videos, do leave your comment..so that i can make an improvement..hee..joking je lah kau ni zaty oit..nak buat improvement camne kalau kau tak attend any music classes..LOL!

here we go..
come with me..
there's a world out there that we should see..
take my hand..
close your eyes..
with you right here..

haaaa..ni laa intro dye..sekali baca pun dah taw kan lagu tu sweet..tapi, aku suka-suka macam tu je laa kat lagu tu..and aku selalu tertanya-tanya what is rocketeer? rocket ke? takkan laa i'm a rocket pulak kan..hee..and then aku pun google laa..hasil ihsan dari encik wiki kita, dye cakap.."The Rocketeer is a superhero"..haaa..now by knowing the meaning of rocketeer, made the song even sweeter!

anywayy, this song is specially dedicated to Mr.Farhan..haha..but i buat yang intro dye je..and tak best sangat pun..just a try..dumb play anyway..hehe..hope u will like it..^^


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