06 December 2011


Pada suatu petang yang mendung, ipan bertanya kepada papanya.......

hari ni hari apa? ISNIN!

hari ni hari apa? ISNIN!

hari ni hari apa? HARI JADI ADIK!

hahahahaha..jangan marah eh ipan? aku main-main je..tetibe rasa macam nak buat dialog macam meslira pulaks..hihi..eh, terlupa pulak..assalamualaikum..^^

well, today is your birthday..the date you were born 20 years ago..i'd like to wish you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear friend! Since kau dah pun join ktorg yang dah masuk alam twenties ni, be matured lah ek..eh, aku ni mature sangat ke nak suruh si ipan ni mature sekali? hehe..takpe-takpe..untuk mature-mature ni, kau ikut jejak langkah meslira lah ek..sebab keen pun tak berapa nak mature jugaaaa..mira je yang mampu sekarang..HEHE

eh, this one I copied from ipan's post on fb.....

20 years back I was in my mom's womb, trying to get out.
After all the pain that my mom had gone through, with Allah's will, I am born healthily to this very beautiful world.

Alhamdullilah, Allah still give me the chance to live and breathe in His world until today.
Thanks to my parents that have brought me up perfectly. 
My siblings, my friends and all of those who had been with me all along! Thank you so much! :))

Hopefully this coming year as a 20-year-old girl will be better & full of blessings~ Aminn.

ahhaaaaa..ni la speech birthday girl! papepun, wish your dreams come trueeeeee! semoga cita-cita and cinta anda tercapai..hehe..

anywayyyyy, sorry for the surprise..and aku dah termain kan kau ke sepanjang hari ni..haha..enjoy your birthday with AARON AZIZ! 


Anonymous said...

I saw my name up there.....huhuhu

zaty said...

haha..your name? :)

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